##Consider the people who don't want the flag to change.  ##Consider the people who do.

1. How we can still keep the old flag
2. Why we need a new flag
3. How/when to change
4. New flag designs
5. About me
6. Your comments
7. Lessons from history

This flag site was created back in 2005, with further info added during the 2015/16 referendum. The flag debate has been recurring for years (and it would be good to get it resolved), but there are a number of valid reasons people don't want the flag to be changed. This website aims to address those issues and alleviate some of the concerns people have. There's an interesting general survey, and a chance to have your say – whether you want a new flag or you don't.
The website is safe and easy to use, with first-time web users in mind. (Maybe you know someone you could help to view this site, eg. a grandparent?).

There's a lot to read, but millions of dollars will be wasted if we vote without even considering the idea of a new flag. I hope you'll look at all the information, and weigh up the pros and cons.
Tip: It's best to read the pages in the order provided, then fill in the quick survey (Page 6).

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Reasons to keep the Monarchy:  monarchy.org.nz
Timeline of changes to world flags:  Wikipedia.org

Official Government FAQs (pdf):  beehive.govt.nz
Govt Press Release Feb 2015:  beehive.govt.nz
Official Referendum info and designs:  flag.govt.nz
See new flag designs flying:  flagtest.nz

Looking at Canada's flag change:  thestar.com
Facebook forums, flag designs:  *Change the NZ Flag   Keep the NZ Flag!
   *(Limited access – to see all the comments, you will need to be a facebook member).

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