A few facts to remember:

1.  Does a new flag change our laws or the way our country is governed?  No.

2.  Does removing the Union Jack affect the Treaty of Waitangi?  No.

3.  Will the Queen still be our Head of State?  Yes.

4.  Will we still be part of the Commonwealth?  Yes.

5.  Have other countries changed their flags?  Yes.

6.  Does our Coat of Arms have to be changed?  No.

7.  Will our anthem have to change?  No.

8.  Will the Queen be offended if we change our flag?  No.

9.  Does it take away our history, or our connection with Britain?  No.

10.  Will we still be allowed to use the present flag?  Yes.

11.  Was a flag-change just the Prime Minister's idea?  No.

12.  Have other political parties been involved in deciding the referendum process?  Yes.

13.  Will the public get to choose which flag we have?  Yes.

14.  Are the first and second referendums both binding?  Yes.

15.  Will changing our flag become a regular thing?  No.  It's important to choose wisely.