– How to see the flags flying

At, you can see designs from the official gallery animated on a virtual flagpole. The images stretch a bit as they're flying and it's not totally realistic, but you'll get a reasonable idea of what the design would look like. You can also turn the wind off to see the flag hanging by the pole. If you hover over any design in the official gallery (links on Index page), you can see that flag's unique number. The numbers for my designs are shown next to the images below. If you want to compare with our present flag, its number is 1.   (

  A:  8410   B:  8400
  C:  8389   D:  8380
  E:  8379   F:  8376
  G:  8370   H:  8367
   I:  8358   J:  8346
  K:  8340   L:  8338
  M:  8334   N:  8325
  O:  8317   P:  8316
  Q:  8308   R:  8293
  S:  8280   T:  8278
  U:  8415   V:  20970

My own views have changed a bit since seeing my flags flying. My favourite with the Southern Cross is now Flag T (or S), and for a flag that represents New Zealand's natural beauty, I think Flag V does a better job than my earlier favourites of Flag M or Q (plus it also acknowledges our founding history). Looking at the designs on flagtest does help to see what works best. It's also fun and addictive to click through random designs!