– The final choice with Olympic (and Commonwealth) sports teams.

Time to choose – a flag with a symbol of Britain, or a flag with a symbol of New Zealand?

With a fern and some black, we won't need to wave separate black flags to support our athletes.

Without a fern and some black, we'll continue to wave our unofficial black flags at these events.

Most countries have a link between their flag and national sports colours. With our present flag, there is no link at all. Our uniforms show New Zealand, but our flag looks British or Australian. Once we provide that missing link, the flags waving in the crowds would be the same flag seen in the medal ceremonies. We'll increase our national pride and have a consistent world identity.

Remember that most countries have changed from their British-based flag, and there are lots of countries that have some black in their national flag. The ones below are just a few of them.

Other flags much like ours – most of these countries achieved their own unique flag years ago.